The Twists of False Madness was a treatise written by Kuni Mataemon [1] in the 9th century [2] about the insanity of those samurai on duty on the Kaiu Wall driven mad by the pressures of the endless war against the Shadowlands. It served as the Crab primary guide for how to identify and treat them. [3]

Imbalances Edit

Air Edit

“The one weak in Air cannot loose himself of habits. He may check to see if the door is barred twenty times in a night, or cleanse himself hourly with baths and salt. The one too strong in Air cares too much for himself. ‘Look at me!’ he brags, like an actor on the stage, overplaying everything in the face of death.”
-Excerpt of Twists of False Madness [4]

Earth Edit

“The one weak in Earth fears what he can see, and fears even more what he cannot. Every shadow is a danger, every silence a statement of impending doom. The one too strong in Earth doesn’t understand the possibility of death or failure, and throws himself into the fight without caring for his life of those of others.”
-Excerpt of Twists of False Madness [5]

Fire Edit

“The one weak in Fire becomes as one dead or deep in mourning. He cannot care for his family, his comrades, or even his lord. He does not move or eat and barely breathes. The one too strong in Fire is extremely rare: he outsmarts himself, sunders his being like the Phoenix and becomes many people at once.”
-Excerpt of Twists of False Madness [6]

Water Edit

“The one weak in Water sees things that aren’t, and doesn’t see what is. His senses and mind lie to him, and he acts according to a reality others cannot see. The one too strong in Water sees and hears everything, every single detail. He becomes oblivious to the world at large, focused on minutiae only he can see.”
-Excerpt of Twists of False Madness [7]


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