Twin Sister Blades were a special set of daisho forged by Mirumoto smiths. They were inherited by Mirumoto Bushi when they reached their gempukku. Few outside the Dragon Clan knew of these unique blades. [1] They were created in the forges of the Dragon's Heart Dojo. [2]

Unique Forging Process Edit

A weaponsmith chose two lots of iron he had forged down from ore personally, prepared for forging. They were both put through the forging process at almost the same time, processed for shingane, the skin steel of the blade, and hadagane, the core steel, one immediately after the next. They were both forged or worked like that through the whole process, one then the next. These blades were then said to be twin sisters, as they were crafted by the same hands and were 'born' only moments apart. These weapons were formidable in the hands of a samurai trained in the Mirumoto style, Niten, who mastered the Daisho Technique. [1] If the Twin Sister Blades were kept separate on any occasion it lest the spiritual link between them broken. [3]


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