Twenty Goblin Winter

Twenty Goblin Winter

The Twenty Goblin Winter was an occasion declared by the Crab Clan Champion always at the start of the winter. During the five months of winter, any ronin who ventured into the Shadowlands and returned with the heads of twenty goblins would be granted fealty in a vassal family, no questions asked. [1] On rare occasions even ashigaru were accepted. [2] Suspicious or dangerous ronin were given unimportant duties or immediately placed on the front lines where they would either learn their duty or die. [3]

Fealty Edit

The custom was instituted by Hida Ichido in the 4th century. [4] The newcomers usually were taken the Moshibaru vassal family name. Fealty, though, was not required and was sometimes refused. For example, the ronin Kihei appeared in Shinsei's Last Hope every time the Twenty Goblin Winter was declared and always left the way he came. [5] [6]

Sozen Edit

In 1169 Hida Sozen participated in a Twenty Goblin Winter to spirit those who tried this year. [7]

Notable Participants Edit

The following is an alphabetical list of people who joined the Crab by a Twenty Goblin Winter:

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