Twelve Ronin

The Twelve Ronin

The Twelve Ronin was an elite cavalry unit, named for the original eleven Samurai that followed the ronin Toturi. They became the beginning of Toturi's Army. [1]

Creation Edit

The idea of the Twelve Ronin was originally Dairya's, as a symbol of the brotherhood between Toturi and his first followers. Since he suggested the idea, Dairya denied any association with the Twelve and refused appointment on three occasions, preferring to work alone. [1]

Purpose Edit

They were designated for hit and run missions, scouting and mapping, but also served as Toturi's advisors. They were known to have attacked the bandit group known as Yugoro's Hordes at least seven times and the destruction of the Mountain Goblin Juzimai. [2]

Members Edit

The membership was in constant flux, as Toturi would handpick the members each month. Only Ginawa, Hasame and Mikio remained among the twelve since its foundation. [1]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

The Twelve Ronin were at the side of Toturi when the combined forces of the Great Clans assaulted Otosan Uchi in the Second Day of Thunder. [3] At least one of them died. [4]

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