Tutich'hk was a Warrior of the Tattered Ear Tribe.

Migration Edit

Once the lands of the Tattered Ear were plagued with drought and Oni, and a number of the warriors of the tribe traveled across Rokugan, seeking a safer place to build their burrows. The Chieftain Chirr-uk decided that because the Oni were wandering through his homeland, that meant it must be safe to journey through theirs. Chirr-uk was braver than most and occasionally clever. [1]

Ivory Kingdoms Edit

He and three of his best warriors, including Tutich'hk, went south, beyond the Black Finger River and the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. They stumbled upon a temple in the jungle of the Ivory Kingdoms, with several individuals of the Progeny of the Destroyer. They had two legs, but many arms under their blankets, and on their forehead shone a single red eye with no lid and no pupil between their blinking black ones. Their servants, ''blanket-men", discovered and caught the nezumi. Tutich'hk was the first to die under their golden knives, while the gaijin were chanting. Chirr-uk survived, hid among the corpses of those sacrificed that day. In the end only Chirr-uk returned, and he was not the Ratling he had been when he left. [2]


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