Turquoise Championship

Turquoise Championship contender

The Turquoise Champion embodied the most sophisticated and cultured aspects of the samurai caste, the most elevated and gifted Rokugani artisan. [1]

Creation Edit

The position was created during the reign of Empress Iweko I. The champion would be determined once a year, by way of a competition to determine the greatest artisan in the Empire. The victorious would hold the position for a year, during which they would be charged with sponsoring art and beauty throughout the land in whichever manner suited them. Then, once the year was passed, they would surrender their title to the winner of the next years competition. The Champion would however also be free to enter the compeition in an attempt to defend their position. [2] The Turquoise Champion served as a reminder to the Great Clans that there was more to life than war. [1]

Announcement Edit

In 1172 Ikoma Akiyama had the scroll which would announce the tournament. [3]

Known Champions Edit

Turquoise Court

The Turquoise Court

Matsu Kasei won the first Turquoise Championship in 1173. [4] [5]

Matsu Kasei 1173 - 1198
Ikoma Satoru 1198 - 1199
Doji Tatsuki 1199 - Present

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