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Turo-Kojiri (U25)

Turo-Kojiri (U25) in the Eijitsu province [1] was an important village located only a few days ride from Shiro Ide. The nearby mountains provided a source of ore and the fertile valley below provided nearly two thousand koku worth of rice every year. On occassion a greedy Iuchi Daimyo would contest its owneship, but the Ide had had little trouble managing the fertile and resource rich land. There had been a recent increase in ronin making their way here, enjoying its remote and quiet surroundings. [2] Since Moto Gaheris became Khan, two legions from the Junghar regularly visited the village. [3]

Weaponsmithing Edit

Many smiths lived there, as the mines to the northeast produced nearly a third of all the steel used to make weapons and armor for the Moto and Shinjo. [4]

Ronin Edit

Since the Clan War's end, Turo-Kojiri gained a reputation as a nice place to settle down. Some wealthy ronin mercenaries created a small community there, the so called Wave District. [4]


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