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Tsuruchi Yutaka 
Tsuruchi Yutaka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Tiger [1]

Tsuruchi Yutaka a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Family Edit

Yutaka was born to former ronin who joined the Wasp Clan by winning one of Tsuruchi's famous archery contests. His father was killed while Yutaka was a few years before his gempukku, while attempting to apprehend a fugitive. Yutaka's mother took her life a short time later. Yutaka believed that adherence to the Wasp Code directly killed his father and, indirectly, his mother. [2]

New Tsuruchi Style Edit

Yutaka was ruthless, ambitious, and arrogant. [3] Embittered by the loss of his parents, Yutaka had all but forsaken the traditional practices of the Tsuruchi. He was taught as a Tsuruchi Kenkyaku, in the ways of the sword. He was an extremely athletic young warrior who had an unortho­dox style which relied on his own innate physical abilities and fiery temper. [4] Yutaka was seen by Tsuruchi Heishiro only as a Mantis, who had broken his links to his Wasp ancestors. [5]

Station Edit

Yutaka was stationed at Gateway Village, under the command of Tsuruchi Nobumoto. [3] Though his outspoken philosophy had made him unwelcome at Kyuden Ashinagabachi, house of his daimyo Tsuruchi Ichiro, fervant follower of Tsuruchi's way, he remained friends with the daimyo's son, Tsuruchi Hiro. [4]

Kitao's Pawn Edit

The Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Kitao was aware of Yutaka's supporters, and despite he had little capacity to lead, Yutaka made an excellent symbol, so she selected the inexperienced Yutaka as one of her advisors. Kitao was all too aware of Ichiro's support of the pretender Yoritomo Kumiko, and the family schism was a means of gathering more support. [2]

Ploy against Kumiko Edit

Kitao bribing Yutaka

Kitao bribing Yutaka

A scout in Yutaka employ located the Daughter of Storms, Yoritomo Kumiko, in Unicorn territory while she traveled with no guards or retinue. He tracked down her to the ronin Village of Broken Dreams, the home of the otokodate Unbroken. [3] Yoritomo Kitao offered Yutaka the Tsuruchi Daimyoship if Yutaka could bring her the corpse of Kumiko. [6]

Meeting with Naizen Edit

In 1159 Yoritomo Naizen, a General in Kitao's service, came to Gateway Village to meet Yutaka and renew the offer. The current Tsuruchi Daimyo, Tsuruchi Ichiro would be forced to step down or commit seppuku. Yutaka prepared a haunting party and departed, but his plans had been overheard by Nobumoto and his sister Tsuruchi Fusako. Nobumoto warned Ichiro and gathered reinforcements, while Fusako joined Yutaka's hunting party as a spy. [3]

Death Edit

Yutaka took Fusako prisioner and was killed by his cousin Tsuruchi Terao when he threatened kill her. The death of Yutaka was widely considered the start of the Mantis Civil War. [3]

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