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Tsuruchi Tomaru 
Tsuruchi Tomaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Tsuruchi Tomaru was a bushi and scout of the Mantis Clan.

Training Edit

Tomaru was not the brighest student of his year, but what he lacked in raw ability he made up with tenacity. He did not give up once his mind was set and worked harder to reach his goals. [1]

Colonies Edit

Tomaru, who was excellent with logistics and planning, was sent to the Colonies coordinating scouting and mapping of the untamed lands. When the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies broke in 1198, Tomaru moved to Kalani's Landing and was appointed as hatamoto of rinkugunshokan Yoritomo Emoto, former sensei and friend of their lord Yoritomo Hiromi. Tomaru accepted the presence of Asako members of the Phoenix Clan as observers. They would report back to the Empire and Colonies a neutral accounting of the fight. The Mantis flet managed to break the Crane's blockade at Twin Forks City. [2]

Crane Retribution Edit

The Mantis fleet choked the great river fork that connected the Second City to the southern Colonial ports and the Empire. The Aerie, the Crane's port on the sea to the south, had been successfully cut off. The Crane made a counterattack at Kalani's Landing, which was attacked by a Crane fleet. Tomaru told Emoto about the request of aid made by the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime as the Imperial Legions' siege on the Second City was turning in their favour. Emoto rejected to give any support to her. [3]

Battle of Twin Forks City Edit

Emoto laid siege to Twin Forks City, with attacking Mantis ships from the water, moving into the channels that split the city, and then withdrawing. They were wearing down the dockside defenders and drawing out counterattacks from the city. The battle in Twin Forks City began when their enemy launched a naval frontal assault to break the blockade. Emoto ordered to reach the docks, to hunt the enemy commander Daidoji Tametaka, who was landing there. Moshi Ino warned an unknown threat was near. [4]

Death Edit

Tomaru's kobune managed to make contact with the docks but they did not gain a foothold. A maddened Tsuruchi Gombei attacked the Crane like a berserker, and other attackers followed suit. Tomaru went into the fray, and killed Daidoji Narizane, following the way into the city where Tametaka had moved. [5] The Crane ships found themselves on two front after Yoritomo Hiromi's fleet arrived upriver from the south. Tomaru spotted Tametaka and pierced Daidoji Ibara with an arrow, who was guarding a hooded man. Tametaka confronted Tomaru with his katana and stroke him down. [5]

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Tsuruchi Tomaru


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