Tsuruchi Takamasa was the chief magistrate of Broken Wave City, and maintained his headquarters in the Old Quarter. [1]

Youth Edit

Little was known of Takamasa's youth following his gempukku apart from a rapidly growing reputation as a Bounty Hunter. He was known as a efficient and determined enemy to any who would defy the Emperor's laws.[2]

Rain of Blood Edit

Takamasa served among the bounty hunters who assisted Jade and Emerald Magistrates following the Rain of Blood. The supernatural attack on Rokugan by the bloodspeaker Iuchiban drove many to madness and taint. Takamasa slowly gained a reputation for hunting the tainted.[2]

Rumors Edit

It was during this time that dark whispers began to circulate about Takamasa. Having accumulated many enemies over the years, it may have been one of these whom began the rumors. Despite this, some began whispering that not all the people Takamasa hunted were tainted, that he used his mantle as a bounty hunter for indiscriminate killing. Some even thought Takamasa was affected by the Rain itself. Although the rumors persisted, no evidence or testimony was ever presented. The suspicion still clung to Takamasa for years to come.[3]

Broken Wave City Edit

Takamasa himself never seemed to care about the suspicions about him, and they never prevented him from gaining rank or status in his family or Clan. Eventually he rose to become the chief magistrate of Broken Wave City.[3]

Some thought Takamasa may have cultivated the rumours himself, to bolster his reputation. Being considered a ruthless killer provided some advantages when dealing with a city full of transient sailors and merchants. Takamasa and his teams of magistrates and yoriki showed little mercy to those who broken the law in the city, and justice would be swift and brutal (if necessary).[3]

Appearance Edit

Years of exposure to the forces of nature, sun, wind and rain has left Takamasa the appearance of a dour and taciturn man. The more than a few scars also increase the man's ominous nature.[3]

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