The Tsuruchi Swordsman school, formerly known as Tsuruchi Kenkyaku, [1] was a small branch of the Tsuruchi family which saw no reason to cast off study of the blade like their founder had believed. [2]

Way of the Sword Edit

After generations of war in service to the Mantis Clan, and the eventual retirement of Tsuruchi himself, some among the newer generations embraced the study of swordsmanship. The natural athleticism of the Tsuruchi meant they easily adapted to the requirements of swordfighting, and quickly developed a reputation for being amongst the finest in the Mantis Clan. This did not necessarily say much, as most of the other Mantis schools focused on alternative weaponry anyway. Some amongst the other clans, however began to recognize the potential of these new techniques. [2]

The younger members of the Tsuruchi who chose the blade over the bow usually did so after learning the basics of the Tsuruchi Archer school and not finding it to their liking. These young samurai instead prefer to exploit their athletic training in a new style of kenjutsu that favored speed and precision over power. [3]

Tsuruchi Swordsmand Techniques Edit

This style emphasized speed and athleticism. With their agility, they were able to perform feats that seem almost supernaturally powerful. Their keen eyes allowed them to cut arrows in midair. [4]


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