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Tsuruchi Sho 
Tsuruchi Sho 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named brother

Tsuruchi Sho was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 Sho and his brother were in Otosan Uchi the day it fell to the Shadowlands. He did not escape unscathed, and was tainted. He voluntarily gave himself up to the Witch Hunters. [1]

Gateway Village Edit

This year Sho was stationed in Gateway Village at the orders of Tsuruchi Yutaka, a Tsuruchi who did not follow the Code of Tsuruchi and favored he blades over the bows. [2] Sho doubted he was the right man to lead them, [3] being Sho an adept to the old Tsuruchi ways. [1]

Nobumoto Edit

Sho had earned the appreciation of Tsuruchi Nobumoto in his first years on duty, and when Nobumoto became daimyo he kept his trust. [4]

Sailor Edit

In 1170 Sho served as intermediate to Yoritomo Buntaro, the captain of the Unknown Path. Sho met with Isawa Kyoko and Isawa Takesi, who told that a Phoenix ship named Inferno had been lost in the Clan War on the way of Crab lands, while it accidentally navigated in the Sea of Shadows. Its shipment included a large cache of jade and several priceless artifacts. The Mantis accepted to give their services for a fair price. Sho confessed the Phoenix he would gift his share of jade to the Crab, in memory of his fallen brother. To reach the wreckage they had to fight sea trolls, but there was not a scrap of jade remaining aboard. It seemed the Crab had found and retrieved the cargo time ago, so the loot was much less than expected. [1]

Legion of the Jade Hand Edit

Sho received an invitation to visit the Crab lands from some mysterious organization, [1] later revealed as the Legion of the Jade Hand, who was joined by Sho. [5] [4]

Ichiro's son Edit

In 1170 Tsuruchi Okame accompanied by a number of other Tsuruchi, including Sho, found Tsuruchi Hiro, Tsuruchi Ichiro's son, traveling with a group of ronin. After the ronin refused to believe any accusations about Hiro, a fight ensued, ending when the ronin were all dead and Hiro stood over an injured Okame. Before a killing blow could be delivered, Okame told the fallen samurai of his father's love and desire to see his son one more time, no matter the circumstance. Hiro hesitated, then turned his sword on himself. Okame's wounds were tended, but two days later was last seen by Sho leaving to seek forgiveness from his former daimyo. [4]

Lion lands Edit

Sho traveled to Lion lands to meet Matsu Benika. [4]

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