Tsuruchi Shisuken 
Tsuruchi Shisuken 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1198

Tsuruchi Shisuken was a bushi and commander of the Mantis Clan.

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Night of the Spider Edit

In 1170 Moshi Amika was alone in her home provinces writing at night when an assassin surprised her during the called Night of the Assassins. Her throat was crushed to stop her defending herself with magic, and the only spell she could cast without speaking did not stop him from breaking her neck. [1] Although discovered by Shisuken shortly after the murder and wounded by three arrows, thee murderer managed to escape the castle. [2] The drive to find and kill Amika's killer would push Shisuken for the rest of his life. [3] He did not know that Daigotsu Harushi was the assailant and that he swore revenge on the Tsuruchi who wounded him. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War Shisuken was with the Rokugani combined armies who near Ryoko Owari Toshi faced the God Beast of Kali-Ma, a gigantic creature of the Destroyers. Spider forces also joined the Empire side, and Shisuken saw the man who killed Amika. When he was preparing a deadly arrow, his commander ordered fire support on the newcomers. Shisuken swore he would find the man after the battle. [4]

Ruined Kingdoms Edit

Shisuken was a member of a Mantis expedition with Moshi Kalani to the Ivory Kingdoms. Kalani knew the archer, and found his demeanor different during the voyage which made the commander somewhat uneasy. The Mantis found a gaijin boy, called Anshu, a child they quickly deduced was the previously unknown son of Yoritomo Aramasu. [5] Shisuken believed the boy said true. [6]

Genocide Edit

Shisuken reported that Tsuruchi Akinori's patrol had not returned. Tsuruchi Gidayu organized a search party who eventually found the remnants of a genocide ritual linked with the creation of the Destroyers. The Mantis of the lost patrol were not found. [7]

Death Edit

Shisuken eventually died of old age before the culmination of P'an Ku's madness across the Colonies, where he served an advisory role for the Tsuruchi in and around Kalani's Landing. [3]

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Tsuruchi Shisuken


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