Tsuruchi Sanjo

Tsuruchi Sanjo

Tsuruchi Sanjo was a bushi and magistrate of the Mantis Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Sanjo had an habit of complaining about everything, which became wearing at times to his companions. [1]

Station Edit

Sanjo was a member of the Empress' Guard during the reign of Iweko I. [2]

Taishuu Edit

In 1172 he was alongside Matsu Kasei guarding the estate of Taishuu, the Spider ambassador to the Empire. He considered the task a terrible boredom. [3]

Regicide attempt Edit

After the attempt taken on the life of the Empress Sanjo's companions prayed for those who died during the fight, as Akodo Kurogane, or the Protector of the Imperial City Bayushi Norachai. [4]

Turquoise Championship Edit

In 1173 Sanjo was present when his friend and companion Matsu Kasei won the first Turquoise Championship. [1]

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