Tsuruchi Samuru

Tsuruchi Samuru

Tsuruchi Samuru was a bushi magistrate and yojimbo of the Mantis Clan.

Colonies Edit

Hunter Edit

Samuru was considered the greatest Rokugani hunter. Samuru tracked down a traitor in the Colonies and mainland Rokugan for seven months and returned with his head. [1]

Courier Edit

In 1198 Samuru arrived to Kalani's Landing looking for the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi, but he had departed shortly before his arrival. The Moshi Daimyo who was in the Second City had had some further considerations she wished to present to Hiromi, so she had selected Samuru to convey her message because of his reputation for rapid travel. [2] He met the Agasha Daimyo Agasha Kurou in the Second City, and pondered about the dangers of the untamed lands in the Colonies. [3]

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