Ryoshen was a Bounty Hunter of the Wasp Clan who became Tsuruchi Ryoshen when his clan earned the family name.

Family Edit

Ryoshen became an orphan after his parents were murdered by brigands. An old friend of the family, the Ise Zumi Togashi Kenjin, had cared for him, so he was his father figure. [1]

On the Hunt Edit

First Encounter Edit

Ryoshen was en route to Reihado Shinsei alongside his friend Tsukemei when they were attacked by a cat-like beast near the Shinomen Forest. The monster, which could shift its appearance at will, killed Tsukemei, and Ryoshen drove it off with his arrows. [1]

Second Encounter Edit

Weeks later the shapeshifter impersonated Ryoshen's Lord, and their men where sent into dangerous and suicidal tasks. Many of Ryoshen's friends died before he realized the deception, and was close to kill the beast when it eventually escaped. It was apparent that the monster was obsessed with Ryoshen, as the Mantis was with it in return. They played a game of cat and mouse to no avail for Ryoshen. [2]

Otosan Uchi Edit

Ryoshen guessed the shapeshifter was hidden in Otosan Uchi. In 1113 he slipped in the Imperial City with forged travel papers. There he met Kenjin, in the peak of Seppun Hill. The next day he visited again Kenjin, and found him beside the dead corpse of the cat-like demon. His quest had ended. [2]

Ambassador Edit

Ryoshen was appointed as Wasp ambassador and resided in the Minor Clan embassies. He passed the knowledge of the hunt to the magistrates of the city, and became one of the finest hunters of the Imperial City. [3]

Real truth of Kenjin Edit

The cat-like creature, the Rakshasa Raniyah, had faked her death. She showed Kenjin her true form, and pointed at his Chameleon tattoo. Kenjin shifted his form to match hers, at which point Raniyah struck and killed Kenjin, taking credit for the death of the tiger-like monster was the corpse of the transformed ise zumi. Ryoshen believed the monster he had been pursuing had died. Using Kenjin's ascendance upon Ryoshen, Raniyah urged the Bounty Hunter into one dangerous situation after another. Ryoshen had become her plaything since their first encounter. [4]

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