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Tsuruchi Rin

Tsuruchi Rin

Tsuruchi Rin was a bushi and Bounty Hunter of the Mantis Clan.

A Brother's Destiny Edit

Moshi Madohime ordered Rin to join the forces gathered by Iweko Seiken, the Imperial Heir, who was preparing his departure from the Empire for the Colonies. [1]

Striking the Tratior's Grove Edit

In 1200 the Mantis was advised that Yoritomo Aramasu's ashes , [2] were under the scrutiny of the Scorpion Clan, who wished to bring them to the Traitor's Grove. [3] Rin led a group into the Grove, stealing to his guardian Bayushi Hoitsu the sacred daggers used to bind the souls to the trees. [4] Hoitsu was kidnapped and taken into custody by the group. [5]

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