Tsuruchi Masanori

Tsuruchi Masanori

Tsuruchi Masanori was a bushi and scout of the Mantis Clan, and a member of the gozoku.

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Masanori served under the orders of Yoritomo Egumi, [1] the Ninth Imperial Legion commander. [2]

Shogun's Standard Bearer Edit

In 1166 a Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter, Tsuruchi Masanori, discovered the Toturi's Battle Standard in a cave while pursuing some bandits through the ruins of Beiden. He immediately took the cloth to his commander Yoritomo Egumi who in turn sent word to Yoritomo Kumiko, the Mantis Clan Champion. [2] Yoritomo Kamoto recognized it and Kumiko gave the banner to the Bat Clan Champion Komori with instructions to offer it to Toturi's illegitimate son, the pShogun Kaneka. [3] Kaneka accepted the banner and made Masanori his personal standard bearer. [2]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

Masanori fought in the War of Fire and Thunder. In 1167 he lost several members of his unit in a skirmish with the Phoenix in the Agasha provinces. [4]

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