Tsuruchi Kosoko

Tsuruchi Kosoko

Tsuruchi Kosoko was a bushi of the Mantis Clan. She was brilliant, beautiful, and virtuous. [1] Her grandmother was Tsuruchi Saya. [2]

Training Edit

Kosoko was once asked to become a courtier for the Mantis, as her astounding beauty would have proved a great asset for her clan. She politely refused and followed her dream of becoming a skilled archer. She was a model of bushido to her brethren with her studiousness and morality. [3]

Colonies Edit

Tsuruchi Kosoko 2

Tsuruchi Kosoko

Exploring the Kingdoms Edit

In 1198 Kosoko was exploring in the Colonies when she found herself menaced by Ruhmalites, who had laid traps in the area. Kosoko felled three of the cultists with her arrows, but fell into a snake-shaped spikes pit while evading their daggers. She climbed safely out of the crevasse with a rope. The story was told even in the court of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies in the Second City. [4]

Siege of the Second City Edit

Kosoko volunteered for an expedition to find the Temple of the Golden Monkey, patroned by Komori Taigo. They were on hold until the Siege of the Second City would be lifted. [5]

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