Tsuruchi Kinshiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Tsuruchi father,
Yoritomo father

Tsuruchi Kinshiro was a swordsman of the Mantis Clan.

Training Edit

Born from a Yoritomo mother after the Tsuruchi became a part of the Mantis Clan. Kinshiro served as scout, soldier, yoriki, and first mate on a Yoritomo ship. He joined the Tsuruchi Swordsman school, and cut down in a duel a samurai who years before had called him a coward for refusing to defend himself with a blade. [1]

Hundred Stances Edit

Kinshiro joined the Hundred Stances Dojo as one of the few Mantis students of this style, and he was forced to gain respect winning several duels. Kinshiro mixed up the Hundred stances style with archery, and he began teaching his own kyujutsu classes on the plains surrounding the Dojo. [1]

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