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Tsuruchi Hikari was an honorable bushi of the Mantis Clan, a well-known relative of Tsuruchi Ichiro, the Tsuruchi Daimyo. [1]

Fall in Love Edit

Hikari met the ronin Sachiko in a teahouse in the City of Lightning and the two of them fell instantly in love. In 1160 Hikari joined her on a sea voyage, where he became aware of her vocation as pirate after a Mantis ship was attacked and plundered. Sachiko left her pray when another Mantis vessel appeared on sight. Sachiko was a former Doji who became ronin after her father committed seppuku, bankrupted by an unscrupulous Mantis merchant. [1]

Accused of Piracy Edit

Hikari loved Sachiko, but he did not wish to dishonor his family. He decided to end their relationship, but before he could do it Hikari was publicly accusated of piracy by Yoritomo Funewara, the captain of the Mantis ship which interrupted Sachiko's last attack. Hikari moved to a small vollage near Mura Sabishii Toshi to beg Sachiko to surrender to the Emperor's justice. She was unwilling to do so. A group of samurai discovered the truth and reported the entire affair to the authorities. [1]


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