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Tsuruchi Heishiro 
Tsuruchi Heishiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named ronin

Tsuruchi Heishiro was a bushi and magistrate of the Mantis Clan.

Gempukku Edit

Heishiro was the son of a former ronin, and was one of the first generation of Wasp born into samurai status. By the time of his gempukku, the clan had officially become the Tsuruchi family, so Heishiro underwent his gempukku as full family members. [1] Heishiro wore a scarf of yellow and black around his left arm, the colors of the defunct Wasp Clan. [2]

Station Edit

His first duty was as a yojimbo, protecting a Tsuruchi emissary to the Mantis Islands. Heishiro was overjoyed by the experience, and since then he could not seem to turn down an opportunity for something new and exciting. [1]

Demeanor Changed Edit

Heishiro fell in love with Yoritomo Yoriko, but she in a short time found another suitor, devastating him. He confronted her new paramour late one night on a cliff overlooking the ocean and eventually killed the Mantis, and by happestance Yoriko was also slain with the same strike. Heishiro pushed both bodies over the cliff. The event shifted him into a solemn, disciplined warrior. His dedication to duty did not go unnoticed, and the ambassador he served sent glowing reports. His search for absolution transformed him into the very example of a honorable warrior. [3] He was stationed in Kyuden Ashinagabachi at command of the Tsuruchi Daimyo Tsuruchi Ichiro[2] becoming friend of his son, Tsuruchi Hiro. [3]

Ploy against Kumiko Edit

Tsuruchi Nobumoto, who had been exiled from Kyuden Ashinagabachi by Ichiro, came to warn the Tsuruchi Daimyo about a plot to replace him. In a private meeting with Yoritomo Naizen, the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Kitao had offered Tsuruchi Yutaka the daimyoship in return for the corpse of Yoritomo Kumiko. Yutaka knew the location of the Daughter of Storms, and Ichiro sent Nobumoto with five more Tsuruchi, to pursue him. Among the five were Heishiro and Tsuruchi Terao, the cousin of Yutaka. The sister of Nobumoto, Tsuruchi Fusako, was a part of Yutaka's hunting party as a spy. [2] Heishiro was seen by Tsuruchi Yutaka as a sentimental fool ho clinged to the old ways. [4]

A Tsuruchi killed a Tsuruchi Edit

Yutaka took Fusako prisioner, but was killed by Terao when his cousin threatened the life of his hostage. The death of Yutaka was widely considered the start of the Mantis Civil War. [2]

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