Tsuruchi Hakobe became the second sensei of the Kyuden Ashinagabachi Dojo when he accepted the position after the death of Tsuruchi Ikado during the War of Spirits. During the same war he suffered an injury to his leg, and has since walked with a slight limp. [1]

Passion Edit

Hakobe was a skilled archer, and had served loyally as a magistrate and a soldier for many years. His true passion however is in the discussion of philosophy. Having learned the nuances of the Wasp code as well as other philosophies throughout the Empire, and he had written a treatise called Judgement detailing his views and interpretations. It had yet to be discovered by the Empire at large, but had been acclaimed by those few who had read it. Privately Hakobe wished it to become for the Tsuruchi what Leadership had become for the Akodo. [1]

Teaching Edit

Hakobe preferred to let the students learn from mistakes, and only steps in when it was completely necessary. He was both charismatic and quiet, capable of teaching students for hours without saying a word. His instruction was influenced by his philosophical thoughts, meeting with some modest success. None of his students had wished to continue their philosophical learnings, but they still took his teachings to heart. [1]

Preceded by:
Tsuruchi Ikado
Master Sensei
1138 - ?
Succeeded by:


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