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Tsuruchi Gombei

Tsuruchi Gombei

Tsuruchi Gombei was a bushi and scout of the Mantis Clan who fell to the madness of P'an Ku.

Colonies Edit

In 1198 during the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies Gombei was onboard the vessel of his commander Yoritomo Emoto. The Mantis were besieging Twin Forks City, and the majority of the Crane ships began a frontal assault. Emoto ordered to reach the docks, to hunt the enemy commander Daidoji Tametaka, who was landing there. Moshi Ino warned an unknown threat was near. [1]

Madness Edit

During the fight Gombei fell to the madness of P'an Ku. [2] Gombei landed, held an arrow in each hand and began to thrash and stab at the Crane defenders. Other attackers followed suit, possessed by a rage reserved for a Hida Berserkers. He began killing soldiers, the dockhands, the peasants, anyone that got in his way. Guided by the mad dragon, he fired a flaming arrow and hit the explosives planted by Daidoji Saboteurs in his commander's ship, the Third Kama, which was ramming the Crane ship Bladed Wing. The explosion destroyed Mantis and Crane ships alike. [3]

Fighting the Crane Edit

After the battle Gombei continued an unsactioned fight against the Crane, as the Mantis had began conversations to turn the ceasefire in a negotiated truce. [4] Tsuruchi Kaito, advisor to Yoritomo Hiromi himself, the Mantis Clan Champion, ordered to strike his name from the Tsuruchi family, and sent men to hunt down Gombei as a traitor to the Mantis. [5]

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