Tsuruchi Chae

Tsuruchi Chae

Tsuruchi Chae was a scout and Bounty Hunter of the Mantis Clan.

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

Chae fought in the War of Fire and Thunder. She desired nothing more than to slay the arrogant fools who had presumed to question the Mantis claim to Great Clan status. [1]

Sea of Shadows Edit

Chae was furious at having been removed from the front lines of her clan's war with the Phoenix in 1167. The disappearance of a Mantis ship scheduled to return from the Ivory Kingdoms had been left to her to deal with. There were rumors that the Crab were active in the Osaku Route, and looking for Mantis prey. [1]

Fouled Edit

Three vessels of each clan, had come together near the border of the Sea of Shadows and hunted each other across the water for days. After a storm Chae's vessel collided with a Crab Iron Turtle and both captains spoke ill to the other. When the Crab accused her of piracy, understanding blossomed in Chae's mind. Crab and Mantis vessels had been sunk by the Dark Wave Fleet, and rumours were spread expecting both Clans could hunt the other in vengeance. Despite her efforts to keep the fight at bay, Hida Unkei boarded the Mantis vessel and confronted Chae, who killed him in the fight, while the Mantis vessel began to sink. [1]

Battle of Broken Waves Edit

This year the entire Mantis fleet sailed on the lands of the Phoenix in a winner-take-all assault. Chae and her scout party provided a report indicating that the Shiba Army was moving to intercept their course. [2] She fought in the Battle of Broken Waves, which marked the end of the war. [3]

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