Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter

Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter

A unique dojo, the Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter School (often erroneously referred to as the Tsuruchi Archer School) taught the way of the bow to the exclusion of all else – including the sword, [1] headquartered at the Hunter of Men Dojo in the shadow of Kyuden Ashinagabachi. [2]

Code of the Bow Edit

When the school was founded on the techniques of Tsuruchi, the Wasp Clan completely eschewed the blade, saying it was a symbol of an impossibly limiting code of conduct. Tsuruchi snapped his own blade in half with his foot, and his followers were bid to do the same. [1] In the beginning of the Clan War there were only 47 bounty hunters allowed to wear the mon of the Wasp Clan. [3]

Actual Philosophy Edit

In the years since, the Wasp Clan has been absorbed into the Mantis Clan, and the sensei of the Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter School have lessened in their enforcement of Tsuruchi's philosophy. While the school still did not teach anything but combat with a bow and close-quarter defense with a short blade, its students were no longer expressly forbidden from carrying katana or wakizashi. Despite the evolution of the school's philosophy, its deadliness had remained constant. [1]

Tradition Edit

Students of Tsuruchi's technique were capable of amazing feats with a bow, the least of which included firing multiple shots at once or even firing several shots in the space of time it would take a lesser archer to ready a single attack. Tsuruchi Bounty Hunters were trained in the arts of stealth and tracking as well, as they primarily served the clan as both scouts and hunters. A single unit of Tsuruchi bushi could easily destroy a much larger foe if given the ability to move and harass their target. [1]

Bounties Edit

Because of their skills, the Tsuruchi were also well-known for their ability to hunt down fugitive's from the Emperor's Law. Bounties collected from such activities made up a significant share of the Mantis' stores of koku. [1] A Bounty Hunter took on any bounty from any legal authority, to be paid only on completion of their task. They did not question whether or not the people they hunt down deserved to die. [4]

Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter Techniques Edit

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Tsuruchi Hunters

Tsuruchi Hunters


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