Tsuruchi Akinobu

Tsuruchi Akinobu

Akinobu was a bushi ronin who became Tsuruchi Akinobu when he joined the Mantis Clan.

Ronin Edit

His birth was to a geisha in Zakyo Toshi. When he was close to the age that a normal child of samurai birth would begin his training, a stranger came in the night and left a battered, rusted blade with his mother, along with a letter apologizing that his father could not leave more for his only son. Akinobu chose to venture forth into the Empire and seek his destiny during the Four Winds era. [1]

Vassal of the Tsuruchi Edit

Akinobu barely escaped being put to death in both the Unicorn and Crane lands, both times for crimes that he had not committed. While fleeing from Doji Magistrates, Akinobu encountered a Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter familiar with his case. Akinobu surrendered and the Tsuruchi permitted the opportunity to explain, being convinced of his innocency. Akinobu was reported killed to the Crane, and instead became a vassal of the Tsuruchi family. [1]

Mantis Edit

Years later, the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen offered fealty to those ronin alleged to his clan, and Akinobu became a member of the Mantis. His ineptitude at archery resulted in his banishment from the Tsuruchi dojo, and he was trained among the Yoritomo residing at Kyuden Ashinagabachi instead. [1]

Temple of Jade Sun Edit

In 1170 Akinobu was among those tasked with the construction of a new temple at Tokigogachu, the Temple of the Jade Sun, the first temple erected in honor of the new Jade Sun. [1]

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