Please note: This article is about the Hengoyokai Crane spirits. For other uses of the term, please see Tsuru (disambiguation).

Tsuru were the Hengoyokai crane spirits. [1]

Appearance Edit

In their natural form they appeared to be very large and elegant cranes, but they could shapeshift into a beautiful human body with somewhat elongated facial features, or into a human-crane hybrid that somewhat resembled a kenku. [2]

Demeanor Edit

These creatures originated from Chikushudo were sometimes believed to be related to the kenku, but it was untrue. They put enormous pride in beauty and relished in their own elegance. These shapeshifters loved to associate with others as beautiful as themselves, but in the long run they were fickle friends. [3] Tsuru tended to make snap judgments based solely on appearances, but were generally good-hearted. They sometimes journeyed to the mortal realm to paint, enjoy music or listen to poetry. If threatened in human form they would change into a crane and fly away. [4] They were also vain and prideful, sometimes to the point of arrogance. When insulted by beings they considered inferior they were quick to challenge. [5] Tsuru were swift and as deadly in combat as Kakita Duelists. [6]

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