Tsuno Yokoshima 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Sensei of Toguchi Shinden

Tsuno Yokoshima was the Supreme Soultwister of Toguchi Shinden. He was known for his mystical abilities and his reputation for cruelty. [1]

Appearance Edit

Yokoshima was emaciated to the point of appearing diseased. Yokoshima had summoned and controlled energies that would tear apart lesser beings, taken a terrible toll on his body. Yokoshima assumed his position when his elder, Tsuno Nintai, stepped down to pursue personal concerns. [2]

Back to Ningen-do Edit

When the Tsuno allied with Daigotsu, was Yokoshima who brought the temples of the Tsuno into the mortal realm. [1] They fought the samurai of Rokugan, suffering several defeats after their first exploits. Yokoshima was aware that his student Tsuno Kira believed that the humans might eventually defeat her brethren with superior numbers and their familiarity with Rokugan. He let her to continue, because Yokoshima expected Kira could find a new weakness to exploit in the humans. The sensei of Nikushimi Shinden, Tsuno Kizuato, had agreed to a mutual exchange of information on human tactics and fighting styles should Kira discover anything useful. [3]


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