Tsuno Kurushimi

Tsuno Kurushimi

Tsuno Kurushimi was the leader of the Tsuno who agreed to have an alliance with the Dark Oracle of Water Matsu Turi in 1156 at Toguchi Shinden. [1]

Attaking the Lion Edit

In 1159 Tsuno Soultwisters opened a passage from Toshigoku to the battlefield where Akuma no Oni fought the Otaku Battle Maidens, allowing their rapid invasion of the Kitsu Tombs. [2] Kurushimi led the Ravager pack that looted the Tombs and captured Matsu Domotai. The bold and successful attack brought him much esteem from his fellow Tsuno, though he did not allow this to go to his head. He was also the Tsuno who performed the subsequent torture of Domotai, as well as the study of the scroll taken from the Tombs. When done with Domotai he planned to turn him over to his sensei Tsuno Kizuato. [3]

Ogres Edit

Kayobun, leader of the Free Ogres, had been approached by emissaries of Daigotsu, the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands. The ogres only respected strength, and Daigotsu's ambassadors, Lost or Goblins, were returned in pieces. [4] Kurushimi tried to add the Ogres to Daigotsu's armies, but the brutes were reluctant. [5] Daigotsu had approached the Tsuno to turn the ogres in his favor, so Kurushimi and a small pack of Ravagers approached the Free Ogres. Kurushimi challenged and defeated Kayobun in an unarmed combat. The ogres swore fealty to the Tsuno in return for their freedom, and they were named the Mikata, an archaic Tsuno term meaning "those who fight beside the race." [4]

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Tsuno Kurushimi 2

Tsuno Kurushimi


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