Tsuno Kizuato 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Sensei of Nikushimi Shinden

Tsuno Kizuato was a gnarled and battle-scarred old Tsuno Ravager who was the the sensei of Nikushimi Shinden, the Tsuno Bushi dojo. The respected warrior was one of only three in the history of his race to have never needed resurrection. [1]

Armor Nemuranai Edit

Kizuato wore his full armor at all times and carried his massive Tsuno Blade. His presence and fortitude awakened the armor, making it the only known Tsuno item to contain several kansen as well as the energy of the Spirit Realms. The magic made the armor indestructible and healed Kizuato as he wore it. [1]

Studying the Humans Edit

Kizuato was intrigued by human tactics and figthing styles, and would instruct his students to capture humans alive to study them and their techniques. The specimens his student brought back generally disappointed him, and he wondered if all humans were as weak as those. [2] Even Matsu Domotai, who had made an impressive show of stamina, eventually he began to be tainted by the Shadowlands. [1]

Soultwister Research on Humans Edit

Kizuato was informed by the Supreme Soultwister Tsuno Yokoshima, that Tsuno Kira, had begun to study the human race, watching the Bloodspeakers and the Lost, later to spand her studies to the untainted samurai of Rokugan. Yokoshima expected Kira could find a new weakness to exploit in the humans. Both sensei agreed to a mutual exchange of information on human tactics and fighting styles should Kira discover anything useful. [3]


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