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Tsuno Kira

Tsuno Kira

Tsuno Kira was a Tsuno Soultwister.

Demolished Edit

Kira hid a dark secret, she was the first Tsuno to believe that the humans might eventually defeat her brethren. After multiple defeats at the hands of Shinjo Shono, Toturi Tsudao, and others, Kira had concluded that the humans' superior numbers and familiarity with Rokugan might outweigh them. [1]

Studying Human Nature Edit

Kira began to study the human race, watching the Bloodspeakers and the Lost, later to spand her studies to the untainted samurai of Rokugan. Her master, the Supreme Soultwister Tsuno Yokoshima was secretely aware of her studies, and let her to continue. He expected Kira could find a new weakness to exploit in the humans. Yokoshimo even reported to the sensei of Nikushimi Shinden, Tsuno Kizuato. [1]

Deception Edit

Kira disguised one of her students, Tsuno Kaimen, as a Kuni Shugenja, in the persona of Kuni Morihei. Kaimen managed to lure a group of samurai to a cave. There Kira and Kaimen managed to subdued the Rokugani, and tortured each party member in an attempt to learn their weaknesses. The remains of the disguised Kaimen were found by a pair of Kuni Witch Hunters, who quickly tracked down the group. Kira was the only Tsuno who escaped through a portal into Toshigoku with her information. [2]

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