Tsuno Blade

Tsuno Blade

The preferred Tsuno weapon was a large, heavy sword with a jagged and hooked appearance called Tsuno Blades. [1] They were massive curved swords that could be wielded only by creatures of Tsuno, ogre, or troll size. [2]

Resilient Edit

The blades were forged at the Nikushimi Foundry by the group of both Tsuno Bushi and Tsuno Soultwisters known as the Furnace. Melting steel and obsidian, the Tsuno channeled energy from the Spirit Realms into the metal, making the Tsuno steel especially deadly to those who traveled the Realms. The massive curved blades were cooled with water kept just above freezing, strengthening the blade, more resilient than Kaiu or Kakita Blades. [3]

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