Born: 321 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named ronin

Tsunetomo was a large ronin warrior who favored the dai tsuchi in combat. He was born of ronin parents, who died to a plague in the year 337 when he was sixteen years old. They had taught Tsunetomo in the ways of combat and war, but also of philosophy. He was by nature blunt, relentless, and without much nuance or guile. Tsunetomo had little respect for clan samurai, and killed those who challenged him with his hammer. [1]

Bandit Lord Edit

Tsunetomo became a bandit lord with his might and attitude, claiming a region that had once belonged to the Ki-Rin Clan and now was claimed by the Lion. Eventually the Lion confronted Tsunetomo's gang, by they were defeated twice by the small ronin army. Tsunetomo knew he could not ultimately prevail, and he led a fourth of his men in a suicidal fight against the next Lion army commanded by an Akodo general. The ronin's hammer was taken as a trophy by the Akodo. [2]

Legacy Edit

His descendants formed a ronin otokodate, Tsunetomo's Watch, or simply, The Watch, [3] who watched over the region for many generations. In the 12th century many of them were lured into the Spider Clan and ended up swearing fealty to the Daigotsu family. [2]


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