Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Isawa mother 
Siblings: Haruko

Hasana was a potent but insane ishiken who in the Nazo Mori took the name of Tsunagari, the Voice of the Stars. [1]

Early YearsEdit

Hasana and her twin brother Haruko were the children of an Isawa mother who had been cast out for an improper relationship and their father executed. As ronin the family moved far from the Phoenix lands, and one day they slept under the Elder Tree near Nazo Mori. Haruko disappeared and his mother used her gifts to find his trail leading into the forest. A samurai barred their way, unwilling to risk arousing the danger within Nazo Mori, and killed the shugenja-ko. [1]

Voice of the Stars Edit

Hasana managed to survive, and eventually, her mind awakened to the latent power of the Void. Visions of her brother's spirit led her to the forest, and she tapped into the eldritch power at the heart of Nazo Mori, Hoshi no Musaboru, what she called the Eater of Stars or simply, “the Master.” Hasana swore to serve it so long as she could still speak to Haruko. Taking the name of Tsunagari, she committed terrible actions and atrocities in service to her Master and considered herself to be his herald, the Voice of the Stars. Tsunagari managed to invade the minds of other people merging her own unstable grasp of Void magic and the influence of the cursed Kaidanshu Whispers of the Stars. [2]

Defeated Edit

A group of samurai investigated the strange occurrences and rasing paranoia in the region. Tsunagari was confronted and defeated by them, causing the cursed Kaidanshu to be weakened. [1]

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