Tsume family
Patron family: Doji family
Clan: Crane Clan
Founded: 11th - 12th century
Daimyo: Tsume Ichikuro

The Tsume family was a vassal family of the Doji.

Founding Edit

It was created by Doji Kigura as a reward to had revealed a Bayushi's plot. "Tsume" (the "Talon") Kigura built a small stronghold in the Kintani Valley, sharing the valley with the Lion and the Phoenix. [1] The clan color was the lapis lazuli, which was used in nearly all the obi bore by the Tsume. [2]

History Edit

Seizing Territory Edit

Kigura's grandson, Doji Retsu was an agressive and covetous man. He grabbed Kyotei Castle, the Damasu family castle, vassals of the Akodo, and wiped them out to a man. Retsu also seized Toshi Ranbo, but conceeded command to another Crane General and made Kyotei Castle the ancestral home of the Tsume. After Retsu was assassinated Tsume Takashi was made the new Daimyo. [1]

Clan War Edit

In 1126 Matsu Gohei unleashed a vicious assault over Toshi Ranbo recovering the city. [3]

Four Winds Era Edit

After the death of Toturi I, Takashi retired and his first son, Tsume Akemetsu, ruled the family. [1]

Tsume Schools Edit

The Tsume had their on dojo, the Tsume Dojo, were the Tsume Pikemen were trained. [4]

Tsume Daimyo Edit

Doji Kigura  ? - ?
Tsume Retsu  ? - 1122
Tsume Takashi 1122 - 1158
Tsume Akemetsu 1158 - ?
Tsume Ichikuro (c. 1200)

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