Tsume Spearmen

A Tsume Pikeman

Tsume Pikemen were a unit created by the Tsume family to counteract the superior Lion cavalry.

Creation Edit

The unit was created by Tsume Takashi. They placed great emphasis on analyzing the enemy's style and then responding with lightning speed to holes in the defense. [1] The dojo relied in the path shown by Takashi's father, Doji Retsu, who developed the first school's technique, None Shall Pass, [2] later known as Wall of Pikes.

Destruction of the Dojo Edit

Although the dojo were the technique was taught had been destroyed when Toshi Ranbo was retaken by the Lion, Takashi kept the fighting style alive in the front lines of battle.

Post Training Edit

After they were trained in the Tsume Dojo the pikemen went on to study with the Daidoji Bodyguards or the Doji Magistrates. [3]

Known Tsume Pikemen Techniques Edit

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