Tsuma Dojo

Tsuma Dojo

The Tsuma Dojo was the Kakita school of kenjutsu sat across the Tangu River in Tsuma.

Building Edit

It was a walled enclave of interconnected wood and plaster buildings, raised over stilts. The school had many gardens, such as the Higashi garden, located within the sensei quarter of the school. [1]

Tradition Edit

The students and senseis lived, ate, worked and trained within the school. They were mostly from the Crane Clan but accepted students from other clans as well. [2]

Fifteen new students were inducted each quarter into the school. Each group was known as the name of the time of the year they entered: winter, spring, summer, and fall. [2]

Sensei Edit

The sensei was one of the best warriors of Rokugan. Each year, after twelve years of teaching, a sensei retired to a monastery and the master of the school selected a new sensei. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

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