The Temple of Mending was a secretive temple dedicated to the healing and resurrection of Tsuno who had fallen in battle. Located deep within the Shadowlands, the Temple was connected to [[[Nikushimi Shinden]] and Toguchi Shinden by several small portals. The interior of the temple had no markings on its walls whatsoever, and the doors to the portals to the other Tsuno temples were bland and unremarkable. [1]

Training Edit

Tsuno Soultwisters were brought to Tsukuroi Shinden shortly after they were deemed fit for combat by the Supreme Soultwister at Toguchi Shinden. Once they learned to patch up their brethren they would accompany packs of Tsuno Ravagers.

Supreme Soultwister Edit

The position of Supreme Soultwister rotated each year, allowing the more experienced Tsuno shugenja to work out in the field with elite Ravager packs or to teach at one of the other temples.

Notabe Supreme Soultwister Edit


  1. Secrets of the Shadowlands, p. 41

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