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Tsukakoro no Oni

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Tsukakoro no Oni

Tsukakoro no Oni

Tsukakoro no Oni, the "Squeezing Death", was an oni first seen in 716, during the Battle of the Cresting Wave. [1]

Appearance Edit

The oni appeared to be a lattice of chitin-covered bone struts, creating a spherical shape, joined at each nexus by a coil not unlike a protruding tendon, with a stinger at the end. It had no eyes and hunted by smell, vibrations and heat. Destroying enough of the connecting joints made it immobile. [1]

Abilities Edit

The oni rolled after prey, trapping individuals inside its structure, where they were pinned in place as the oni injected a digestive liquid. The entire cage then compressed down to half its previous size, forming an impenetrable ball of spikes while feeding. The victim was battered and choked, then dissolved and absorbed. [1]

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