Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Yori

Tsugu was a peasant who became the monk caretender of the Shrine to the Seven Fortunes, reaching enlightenment.

Monk Edit

Tsugu was the humble younger brother of selfish Yori, born into a poor peasant family. Both retired to a monastery to ease their father's burden. In time, they were sent to the Spine of the World Mountains to repair a great Shrine to the Seven Fortunes, which had fallen into disrepair. [1]

Meeting the seven Fortunes Edit

Yori gathered aid from the local villagers, while Tsugu worked hard, and within a week the work was done. The Seven Fortunes were pleased an appeared to the brothers, requesting the reward they wished. Foolishly Yori wished for them to shower their blessings upon the brothers, but before the Fortunes smote him, Tsugu pleaded for his brother. Yori survived, however for his selfishness and arrogance, he and those who emulated him should forever bear the Fortune's curses, giving him the chance to overcome his weakness. The brothers never saw one another again. [2]

Death Edit

Tsugu never left the Shrine, reached enlightenment, and was buried there still. [3]


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