Tsudao's Tanto 
Tsudao's Tanto
Created by: Isawa's Last Wish
First used by: Toturi II
Currently in the possession of: Yoritomo Minoro

The Tsudao's Tanto was made in 1159 by Isawa's Last Wish using a portion of its own power.

Toturi II Edit

After Toturi Tsudao declared herself Empress of Rokugan as Toturi II, [1] Shiba Aikune with the Wish came to bow his head to the new Empress. Isawa's Last Wish created a flaming tanto, which became known as Tsudao's Tanto, which was offered by Aikune to Toturi II as a gift. [2]

Appearance Edit

The tanto has a curved steel blade, gold handle, with a marvelous hilt shaped in long grooves. Its golden tsuba looked like six petals with different curves. [3]

Isawa Angai Edit

After the death of Toturi II the fate of the tanto was unknown, [3] until in 1168 appeared at the hands of Isawa Angai. She had it in secret to be used against her unstable husband Isawa Sezaru if it would be necessary. After the death of Aikune the Wish was incomplete, it had had to destroy the tainted portions of itself, and that it was no longer complete. The Wish sought the dagger, but even it could not find it was under Angai's control. [4]

The Wolf Edit

In 1169 following the appearance of her Sezaru in an apparent maddened state during the assault upon the capital Toshi Ranbo by the Khan Moto Chagatai Angai distracted him long enough for her to get close and stab him with the Tsudao's Tanto. The ensuing explosion killed both Sezaru and Angai. [5]

Reappeared Edit

In 1200 Isawa Genma found the tanto near the ruins of Morikage Toshi, and shortly after she was killed by [[Yoritomo Minoro], who seized the tanto for himself. He did not know it was the last glimpse of the Isawa 's Last Wish. [6]

Known Wielders Edit

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