Please note: This article is about the spawn of Tsuburu no Oni. For other uses of the term, please see Tsuburu (disambiguation).
Tsuburu no Oni (spawn)

Tsuburu no Oni (spawn)

The Spawns of Tsuburu no Oni were the offsprings of the Tsuburu no Oni Oni Lord. The spawns of Tsuburu grapped its victims and began to devour them. Once inside its belly the prey body and soul were consumed. They could teleport themselves to another place within sight. [1] When the Tsuburu believed it has captured enough souls it traveled back to its Oni Lord and fed them to it. [2]

Appearance Edit

They look like enormously fat naked humans with livid pink-purple skin, greasy black hair, and boils covering their back and belly. They moved slowly, but they telelported themselves next to its victim, and devoured him.

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