Tsu fish were brilliant blue with iridescent emerald fins and tail. [1] They were an odd creature that lived in the woods near Tsuma village. Their nests were the traditional target for the hunting portion of the Topaz Championship. Many believed the fish did not exist. [2]

Appearance Edit

During the dry season, many small streams and lakes in the northern Crane provinces dryed up, leaving only large puddles. Dry season was the mating season, during which time the Tsu Fish left the water and crossed short distances to find suitable mates. [3] They appeared to be large coi, but during their mating season their fins changed into crude, strong legs. This allowed the little creatures to leave the water and take to the shore, where they made nests and laid their eggs. They remained on land until the eggs hatched, then the entire brood would return to the water until the following season. [2]

Eggs Edit

Tsu Fish eggs were considered a delicacy, but Tsu fishes suffered a decline in their numbers because their eggs could produce a solution that could remove ink from parchment. [3]


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