Koushuun was a member of the ronin Tsi family whose history was depicted in Tetsuya's Reflections on the Tao. [1]

Fleeing in Disgrace Edit

During the reign of Hantei XX Koushuun became an important swordsmith and retainer to an Akodo, who he slew in self-defense when his lord discovered Koushuun had an affair with the Akodo's wife. In shame, the woman committed jigai, and Koushuun fled. [1]

Master Smith Edit

Koushuun regretted what he had done, and the next fifteen years he honed his skills in the forge, to craft a masterpiece katana, which would be presented by himself to the Akodo Daimyo as a symbol of his atonement. The day he was prepared to begin, the son of the Akodo appeared claiming vengeance. Koushuun pleaded for more time to finish his masterpiece, and the Lion agreed to wait. Eventually, the samurai began to study the smith’s work, and then began to help with its craft, hoping it might be done sooner. When it was concluded, two months later, the pupil did not sever the head of the man who had become his sensei. [1]


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