Tsangusuri Daigaku, or Tsangusuri Academy, was a dojo of the Asahina Shugenja located in the Prosperous Plains City, [1] just north of the banks of the River of the Blind Monk. [2]

Founding Edit

The great demand of fetishes after the Clan War moved the Asahina to found the dojo in a beautiful structure created for them by Kakita Artisans. [1] It was instituted the yearly Shower of Beauty Festival, which brought merchants and artisans from all over the Empire. [2]

Tradition Edit

Only Crane were accepted at this school, and the students were surveyed carefully to avoid any Tsangusuri created to do harm. A competition for the most beautiful talisman was usual among the students, expecting to gain the favor of their senseis, being parmaount at the Shower of Beauty Festival, near the end of the school's academic year. [1]

Training Edit

Students were devoted to their chosen craft, creating these tiny nemuranai of one use. Pacifism was taught through the study of the Tao. They would be revered by their clan, as artists and powerful shugenja who created powerful talismans. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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