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Tsai district

The Tsai district was one of the outer districts of Otosan Uchi, [1] which was also known as Brutal Flame district, for its famous firelit top tower. [2] It was named for it's governor prior to the Scorpion Coup, Bayushi Tsai, who had been made governor after Emperor Hantei XXXVIII personally had the previous governor Mirumoto Kenro removed. [1]

Details Edit

The Brutal Flame district was home to criminals and smugglers of all types. Governors were selected either for their ability to “manage” the criminal element or their ability to stamp it out, which favored the prevalence of Scorpion governors. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The governor Bayushi Tsai worked closely with Bayushi Shoju during months prior to the Scorpion Coup, and its militia supported the Scorpion during the Coup. [4] In the fourth day the combined forces of the Clans had regained control of the majority of the Outer Districts. Only Tsai, Higshikawa and Meiyoko districts remained under Scorpion control, but they were seized in the fifth day. [5] Bayushi Tsai fled and never was seen again. [4]

After the Coup Edit

For many weeks following the Coup, the district was unoccupied, abandoned, and without leadership. Ultimately, the Kosuga district consumed it, and a new advisor was placed of its day-to-day operations. [6] The newly formed district was named by the name of the former sub-district Yatoshin district. [7]

Notable Locations Edit


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