The Tribe of the Closed Eye predated the Fall of the Kami, living in the part which eventually would become the Crab lands. They were an insular people, vaguely known to other tribes, but considered among the wisest and most learned of the tribes, with the ability of divination. Those who met their elders returned to his tribe forever changed, with a keen mind to lead his own tribe in difficult times. [1]

Fall of the Kami Edit

For this tribe of sages the unexpected Fall of the Kami led them to confusion. The world changed rapidly around them, and realized they were actually losing their own place in the pattern of reality due to their ignorance. The First War was only a further blow. [2]

Order of Fukurokujin's Eyes Edit

When Hida arrived to claim the southern lands of Rokugan, he sent Kaiu to govern that particular part of the lands. The Closed Eye leader, a woman named Iko, anticipated the arrival of Kaiu, and met him. Kaiu returned with gifts, promising to pay taxes, but Iko refused her Tribe to fully join the fledging Crab Clan. Since they could no longer refer to themselves as a tribe, as they had accepted the rule of the Kami, they began to refer to themselves as the Order of Fukurokujin's Eyes. The former tribe adopted adopted a monastic lifestyle. [2]

Known Chieftains Edit


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