The Tribe of Seppun was one of the tribes which predated the Fall of the Kami. They lived around the Seppun Hill, [1] a tribe of peasants and fishermen. [2]

Wars Edit

Rokugan was a primitive land where the tribes preyed on those weaker than themselves. [3] The Tribe of Noriaki, a tribe of warriors, warred the Seppun. [4]

Fall of the Kami Edit

When the Kami fell to Rokugan the Seppun were the first of their followers, and they became their protectors against other tribes. [1]

Emerald Empire Edit

After five years the Kami returned to the place they fell and held the Tournament of the Kami. The Seppun family was formed when the priestess Seppun and her tribe reaffirmed their fealty to Hantei, the first Emperor. [5]

Known Chieftain of the Seppun Tribe Edit

Akagi Pre-calendar - 5


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