Treason was considered one of the worst sort of criminal offense one could committ in Rokugan.

What constituted Treason Edit

Imperial Families Edit

Treason under Rokugani law includeded undermining the Imperial government, harming the Emperor of Rokugan or his immediate family, which also included the Imperial Families of the Otomo, Miya, and Seppun.

The Shadowlands Edit

Collaboration with the Shadowlands in any way, such as concealing the Taint, worship of Fu Leng, and the use of maho also constituted treason against the Emerald Throne.

Gaijin and Gunpowder Edit

Unauthorized use of gunpowder and illicit dealings with foreigners (gaijin) also technically constituted treason since the time of the Battle of White Stag.

Insidious Organizations Edit

Membership in organizations like the Kolat and the Gozoku would also be considered treason, as those organizations were dedicated to undermining the Imperial Line.

Religion Edit

Violating Rokugani religion was also considered treasonous, working against the Celestial Order and the divine will of the Kami.

Penalty Edit

Execution Edit

The penalty for treason was always death. Emerald Magistrates would often kill traitors on sight, and Jade Magistrates, Kuni Witch Hunters, Phoenix Inquisitors, and other magistrates and samurai would kill any discovered to be bloodspeakers or Tainted on sight. In some cases, the traitors could imprisoned and soon executed in a gruesome fashion such as being beheaded, sawed in half, boiled in oil, burned at the stake, or crucified.

Collateral Edit

Sometimes even the immediate families of traitors were executed along with the traitors themselves. In Unicorn lands, traitors were often executed by being hanged, drawn, or quartered by being pulled apart by horses.

There had been at least one case where a heimin and their immediate family were executed because he or she assaassinated an Otomo.

Treasonous Samurai Edit

Samurai convicted of treason were stripped of their family names and often removed from historical records. Samurai serving daimyo accused of treason were very often granted the chance to commit seppuku or become ronin.

Traitor's Grove Edit

Treason within the Scorpion Clan was handled through a unique method, where the traitor's soul was magically bound to a tree in Traitor's Grove.

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